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OK so we admit it - we men are a nightmare to buy presents for...

Socks, beer and aftershave get pretty stale after a while and although you desperately want to give the man in your life something great this Christmas or birthday, what does he actually want? This website aims to take the pain away from choosing gifts for men. It is your resource. It is your friend. We let you into the mind of the modern, sophisticated man so that you know exactly what to buy him to get that “fantastic!! That’s brilliant!!” effect. Look no further. Use us, and share us. This website is put together by a group of men between the ages of 31 and 39. We all have jobs, walk upright, eat nice food and put clean pants on every day.

As nice fellas we grew tired of seeing the pain and anguish on our partner’s faces as every gift-giving season arose. We were caught in a paradox. We knew we were really easy to buy presents for, but absolutely everybody said we were difficult. Our partners would relentlessly tell us that we were impossible to buy for. So, like the nice blokes we are, we decided to help them out. And now we want to help you too. This is an advice site. We don’t sell anything directly ourselves, so we have no interest in trying to peddle dodgy stuff your way. Just good quality, amazing gift ideas that will revolutionise your gift-buying experience.

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Our Skills And Rating System

Our skills are in getting to the core of what's awesome (or what's not) about a gift idea. Because we are blokes ourselves, we don't need to pretend to understand how other men will view the products on our site. We already know. Our skills are in giving this insight to you - our wonderful significant others, without whom we'd be completely screwed at absolutely everything else. Each gift idea is rated according to how manly it is, how easy it is to use, how cool it is, and the overall value for money. It really isn't necessary to have 5's across the board for a product to be awesome. In fact, it's probably better to give a range of gifts that individually excel in one area - just imagine your fella's reaction.

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