So, you need help?!?! You're stumped! You're looking for tips and ideas for those pesky, darn and elusive inspirational gifts for your men who seem to already have everything, right?!?!? How do you find these ultimate man gifts? Well, it really is not as hard as you think? You just need telling what you already know.

You have found us because you have absolutely no idea, again, of what to get the men in your life for a gift. You have seen the date in your calendar coming about and you know you now have to search the internet and shops for something truly awesome - an Ultimate Man Gift; however, you mind is completely blank. So what do you do? Well do not fret! Not yet anyway. We have some simple handy tips that will help you do some tactical recon work and locate something 'humongous', something 'Kajonga'... ...something that will make his eyes shout 'Skadooosh' when he opens that gift. Let's get into it. But just before we do, find a cosy chair to sit in, switch TVs and anything else that could distract you off, and lastly, and most importantly, crack open a vintage Chardonnay. Oh, and a notepad and pen!

1. Remember Past Gifts

Time for that thinking cap. What have you bought him before? Go back to as far as you can and write down everything you can remember because you do not want to buy him that gift that went straight to the back of his 'man' cupboard the next day. Remember, if you play your cards right, he will remember this for an eternity and put just as much effort into his gifts too... ...hopefully anyway! So brainstorming time, take a sip for your Chardonnay and let's see what you record has been like for the last few years at Christmas, Birthdays, Valentine's or Fathers Day.

The aim here is to see if you can upgrade a previous gift. You know he is a modern man, or wanting to be one anyway, therefore certain gifts are not going to be on his radar. He will smile pleasantly and say thank you when he receives it, but trust us - deep down he is in an immensity of pain and holding back those tears. So, if you bought him some slippers last year that say 'Happy Birthday Old Man' (shame on you!), why not purchase some sharp looking two-tone memory foam ones (affiliate link) (non-affiliate link) at Amazon.

Did you buy him a Thundercats pint glass only for it to be sat, mucky and unused in his drinks cabinet 4 years ago? Upgrade to a set of contemporary drinks glasses. Check these 400ml Set of Four Pint Glasses out. This remembering and upgrading strategy is a great way to finding an ultimate man gift for those modern men. Just remember to not upgrade from a Bart Simpson pizza cutter to a Homer Simpson one. It is just not worth the man sulk!!!

2. His Leisure Activities

What does he like doing? What are his interests? It is time, if you haven't already, to begin monitoring what he does before and after work? (Sounds a little creepy!!) Does he get up early to go running or swimming? Is it football night with his pals on Tuesday nights? Leisure activities are the best inspiration as they are the easiest to work out. However, this can wear itself out after a couple of years. My dad used to love playing snooker down the local hall so I decided for 5 years straight I would buy snooker accessories. So, not necessarily in this order, I bought a a snooker cue and case, a snooker cue cleaning set, a pool cue, a portable snooker table for his garage and, because I had run out of snooker ideas, a 6 months membership for his local snooker club. Pretty awful right?!?!? No imagination there at all. The portable table never got played on, he had no interest in cleaning his cues and he never ever played pool once!!! What a waste of money.

If he does absolutely no exercise or sports at all then this is the perfect to time to get him interested. Choose something that you think could ignite a love for a sport or hobby. Check out our inspirational gifts for men page as this may give you some ideas. So mark down his leisure activities and hobbies. If it reads 'PornHub' and only this then we have got problems... ...and possibly so does he!

3. Fix A Problem

Here, you have to have ears of a wolf and listen to everything he is saying. When he watches Will Smith running with his shirt off does he start stroking his beer belly and then begin to grimace and start whinging? Does he look in the mirror and repeat the words 'I need to workout?' Has he recently read an article online about the effects of juicing on the human body and is positively relaying this information to you? If so, then you have just stumbled on desires and aspirations of your man. Take advantage of this! Buy him a juicer! Purchase that workout bench!

I bet you hear a lot of moaning about how things around the house need fixing right? Why doesn't he fix it? Simply because his tools probably consist of a range of his dads non-matching screwdrivers, a broken drill he inherited from his Grandfather which is a trillion years old and a hammer head without the handle? He cannot fix the issue because his 'crappy' tool set won't let him and will embarrass him as he takes them out in front of you. Solution! Buy him a set of pristine tools. You will not believe what a tool belt with exquisite tools attached does to a guy's morale. He automatically thinks he is Bob the Builder and cannot wait to get stuck in and fix stuff!

4. Mates and Family

This is an easy one and you have probably already thought of it, however, we have to list it as it is a good way to get ideas. If you are struggling that much for inspiration then go to his close friends and family. They know him as well as you and may have a different idea for him. See if he has mentioned anything to them about new hobbies that you do not know about or specific events he was looking forward to going to. Simples!