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The purpose of UltimateManGifts.com is to provide advice, information and resources for consumers to make judgements on the products that are being advertised. Consumers need to be aware that third party retailers may earn a commission through their purchase.


UltimateManGifts.com does sometimes use reviews that were listed on Amazon, and other retailer sites, as information for the consumer to give them a clear understanding of what they could be purchasing, and this includes negative and positive testimonials.

Consumer Reviews

Any reviews given by consumers on this site are entirely of their own accord and are based on their own experiences of purchasing/using products and using the UltimateManGifts.com website. These consumers have not gained any financial income by providing these reviews and this will be the case at all times.

Information Collection From Consumers

We do collect names, email addresses, addresses etc if voluntarily provided by consumers so we can send out newsletters regarding the latest product reviews of items that will be hitting the market.


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Sharing of Information

The only time we will share customer information is if we are contacted by the authorities for fraud investigations. There will be no sharing of personal data with 3rd party companies for marketing purposes.