Distress Centre

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Distress Centre

So you’ve been through our site and you still can’t find the perfect gift for your guy? Never fear, we are always here for you. We at Ultimate Man Gifts are such nice guys that we even provide a personalised service for those of you who are still struggling for ideas. Welcome to our Distress Centre.


Use this section to tell us a bit about your man and why you think you’re unable to find the perfect gift for him. What is he into, how does he spend his time? Be creative, be funny... and then leave the rest to us! We’ll make some personalised recommendations just for you – because we really are that nice. We’ll even share the best ones with our community – who knows, you may help loads of other people struggling in the same way. All responses will be made on our Twitter feed so please keep an eye out for yours (and drop us your twitter handle if you can.

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