Straight Razor Kits
Straight Razor Kit The coolest way to shave

James Bond Uses Them - 'Nuff said!

Straight Razor Kits

There’s a scene in “Skyfall” where James Bond is shaving using a straight razor, and every bloke we know admitted to secretly wondering if they were man enough to give it a try. Forget over-priced safety razors (goodbye Gillette), using a straight razor (also known as a cut-throat or barber razor) is the perfect combination of being cool, just a little dangerous, and requiring a skill to be learned. As a personal user of a straight razor every day I can attest to the superb, clean shave they offer and will never, ever go back. But it does take practice.

This kit is a great starter set for the bloke just starting his cut-throat conversion. It contains a badger-hair shaving brush, lathering soap, mixing bowl, and stylish wooden-handled razor. It comes presented in a neat gift box, and would make a fantastic present for any bloke who has annoying hair sprouting from his face.

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